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Contact Us We try to make you more familiar with business and finance. But if you need...

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WHO WE ARE About The NikaMotor Russia Vehicle Export Platform is the first service platform in the...

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FARIZON AUTO C11 10.9m Electric Coach

Meeting the demand for urban commuting, tourism and custom bus operation, Farizon Auto launched the 11 meter...

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FARIZON AUTO E8 8m Electric City Bus

Core Strengths:

  1. Fast and Smooth Drive Experience
  2. Economical and Efficient Powertrain
  3. High Adaptability to Different Environments
  4. Easy...

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FARIZON AUTO E12 12m Electric City Bus

Introduction for the LF/LE EU Santander:

  1. The whole bus is developed on the basis of all new...

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FARIZON AUTO F10 10.5m Electric City Bus

  1. Ultra clean energy emitting only water. 10 minutes refueling for 500 kilometers.
  2. World leading hydrogen fuel...

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Hello people! welcome to my personal blog, I’ll sharearticles

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